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Highly trained personnel with different specializations are on stand-by to respond to the special needs of each Methodist AirCare call. No matter the need, the moment the Methodist AirCare helicopter touches down, the medical crew aboard is ready to begin immediately administering an intensive level of medical care based on the specific needs of the patient.

Adult Reference Guide
Preparation of the Patient for Air Transport
How to Prepare Emergency Helicopter Landing Zone
STRAC (TSA-P) Trauma Alert Criteria
STRAC Standardized Patient Radio Report
Fax Cover Sheet

Neonatal & Pediatric

When emergency calls are received involving expectant mothers, infants or children, the aircraft is immediately crewed by dedicated, highly-trained pediatric, neonatal or high-risk obstetrical teams with the knowledge and specialized equipment required for the specific situation. High-level care begins immediately and the crew maintains constant communication with the staff at the Methodist Children’s neonatal and pediatric ICU’s and Methodist Hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Triage. When the patient arrives, the facilities are prepped and ready for continued treatment.

Neonatal Reference Guide
Pediatric Reference Guide
STRAC (TSA-P) Trauma Alert Criteria

Chest Pain & Stroke

Whether the need is the transport of a critical cardiac or stroke patient from a rural hospital or nursing home, a response to an emergency scene, the necessity to rush an infant to a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or any of a myriad of other medical emergencies, Methodist AirCare is at your call 24/7/365.

Chest Pain
Methodist Hospital Stroke Center

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